Harmonizing body and mind naturally.

Harmonizing body and mind naturally

For comprehensive health, it is important to take care of the mental and physical levels in equal measure and to concentrate on body and mind – because both are equally important. If one area is affected by a problem, there can be no well-being in the other area.

The findings should shake us all up: According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Health Report presented in November 2013, people in wealthy industrialized countries are taking more and more antidepressants to combat their mental health issues.

These have become increasingly worse over the years, as other studies have shown: According to a 2009 survey by the health insurance companies’ health reports, the proportion of incapacity to work due to mental illness has more than doubled since 1993 and amounted to 11.3 percent in 2009. Every third adult falls ill psychologically within a year.

This has many factors, but particularly a continuously high occupational load provides for the psychological distress of many people. Until when is it maximum performance and when is it overload?? Everybody has to ask himself this question again and again in order not to lose sight of his well-being. Because if the interplay between tension and relaxation does not work well, a physical reaction through signs of stress is inevitable.

This, of course, can also lead to physical limitations: Those who are mentally unbalanced often do not pay attention to healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise, so that tension, cardiovascular problems are the result – and then begins a vicious circle of both physical and mental problems that are difficult to overcome.

This shows how important preventive health care and awareness of one’s own well-being are, because health is the highest good of man, which he must protect. In comprehensive health, it is important to care for the mental and physical levels equally and to focus on both body and mind – because both are equally important. If one area is affected by a problem, there can be no sense of well-being in the other area.

But those who take care of their health do not simply feel better. Those who are fit immediately have a completely different effect on those around them. He is perceived positively and also works more successfully because the aching neck, the constant feeling of fullness and the dejection do not restrict him any further.

And in the long term, building up a sense of physical well-being is the best preventive measure against life-threatening diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and, and, and. Today already for tomorrow provide and the foundation-stone for a healthy aging put is the slogan.

It can be necessary, with such a project first of all to set the metabolism anew in motion. A person with a fast metabolism burns much of the energy taken in through food; this accelerates, for example, weight loss through sports and dieting. Through the protein building block L-tyrosine in combination with the plants Coleus forskohlii and ginseng, for example, the metabolism and thus the burning of fat can be stimulated.

Equally important: an individually adapted, professionally selected diet and a sufficient supply of all important substances. For example, the combination of vitamins B, C, D, E and beta carotene, various enzymes, important amino acids, trace elements and other secondary plant substances: Such a combination is a real energy boost for body and mind. Vitality and drive, immune system, stress resistance, fat reduction and much more – nature helps comprehensively with its substances.

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