Stevia, calorie-free – do something good for your health

Sweetener Stevia

Stevia is the name of a plant that originated in subtropical Paraguay. Although its health-promoting effect has long been proven, it took a long time before this miracle product was approved as a foodstuff in the EU.

Previously, it could only be purchased as a bath additive and dental cosmetic. Since December 2011, however, foods containing this sweetener have finally been available on the German market.

Sweetener Stevia

The sweetener has been allowed to be used by the food industry for the first time since December 2011 and has since been used in chocolate, jam and beverages, among other things.

The range starts at „Whole Milk“ and ends at „White Mango Raspberry“. In addition, the stevia extracts are also available in powder form, liquid or as tabs. In the future, more food manufacturers will certainly rely on the sweetening power of stevia.

Steviol glycoside as a sugar substitute – The healthy alternative

Steviol glycoside is a sweetener extracted from the Stevia plant. This is much sweeter than conventional sugar, but completely calorie-free.

According to the manufacturers, one drop of the sweetener is as sweet as a whole teaspoonful of sugar. In addition, the blood sugar level is not affected by this means, so it is also ideal for diabetics.

Tooth-damaging caries is also not formed by the sweetener in contrast to conventional cane sugar. Despite the high sweetening power, stevia contains no calories and allows the enjoyment of healthy desserts.

Stevia – Sugar – Are taste differences recognizable?

In terms of taste, the sweetener is quite different from our familiar household sugar. While both sweeten very well, care should be taken with dosage. While sugar requires several spoonfuls, a very small amount of stevia is sufficient. As a rule, there is a slight delay in the onset of the sweet taste, but it lasts longer than with conventional sugar.

The sweetness is accompanied by a slightly bitter aftertaste reminiscent of licorice. Especially if you use too much of it, this aftertaste is very intense.

However, this also depends on the taste of the individual. It is best to try out for yourself which quantity tastes the most pleasant. However, if you don’t mind the taste, you can live a healthier life in the future without having to give up sweets, cakes and sweet drinks.

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