Area 47 in Austria – A world of adventure and attractions

Pure adventure – the Area 47 in Austria

Area 47 is the largest outdoor recreation park in Austria. There are countless attractions that really leave nothing to be desired. You can swing there, for example, in the so-called “Mega Swing” high above the ground or go swimming in the “Water Area”.

Adrenaline kicks are definitely guaranteed here. For this reason, a visit to this park is always an experience, whether for the adventurous or for hiking in the mountains as a relaxing trip, which you should definitely capture on camera to create great memories.

By the way, the name “Area 47” comes from an Austrian marketing agency. Since the amusement park is located pretty much at the 47. Latitude lies, this designation is nevertheless quite suitable. However, the construction of this project was not entirely cheap. The Tyrolean outdoor park cost a proud 14 million euros.

Furthermore the Area 47 breaks some height records. Among other things, Austria’s highest diving tower with 27.5 meters and a water slide with a 60-degree gradient can be found there.

Boundless fun

By the way, in the whole park it is possible to try about 35 sports and to get on the 66.000 square meters of exercise space.

So you can not only balance over tree trunks at a height of 27 meters, but also experience a special thrill on the swing “Mega Swing”.

Furthermore the “Flying Fox” offers an exciting gliding over the whole area. Last but not least you have the possibility to be catapulted nine meters above the sea as a human cannonball.

The whole concept is not only suitable for advanced athletes, but can be regulated to a “normal” level of difficulty.

Also with the topic environmental protection the outdoor park engages itself very actively. For example, Area 47 uses a special deep well for drinking water and some solar panels have been installed on the roofs of a hall for sustainable power generation.

A very special overnight experience

If you don’t want to sleep in a hotel or other accommodation after an exciting day in Area 47, you have the great possibility to stay overnight in one of the authentic tipis in the Ötztal valley.

A total of 26 rustic tents in classic wooden design invite you to spend the night together with up to eight people per tipi.

You only need to bring your own sleeping bag, all sanitary needs are already taken care of. Therefore, inside the facility you can find not only changing rooms, but also showers and toilets.

Even if you are traveling in a large group of up to seven people, you can comfortably find space in these large tipis. Additionally, one more person can sleep on the floor.

During the day you can rest on some benches and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in a convivial round.

The overnight stay in such a tepee is in any case a real nature experience and a must for all outdoor fans.

Never boredom with the Area 47 Camps

Furthermore there are some exclusive special camping offers. This includes among other things the “Area 47 GOPRO Action Camp”.

This involves a five-day outdoor program with many activities, such as a canyoning tour or motocross.

Then there is the 2-Wheels camp, where you can complete mountain bike tours in several valleys and in the mountains.

Especially for bike fans this program is a great idea to explore the most beautiful places in the Ötztal valley.

For all female visitors Area 47 offers the so-called Girls Camp, which promises a lot of action especially for the wild and adventurous women.

So you have the possibility to choose between different sports like yoga, rating or wakeboarding.

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