Porridge toppings for every season – fruity, tart, nutty or sweet

The best porridge toppings for every season

What could be better than starting the day with a healthy breakfast or homemade porridge to get ready for the tasks and challenges ahead??

In addition to breakfast classics such as nutritious wholemeal bread or crispy rolls with savory or sweet toppings, all kinds of muesli variations are also enjoying increasing demand.

These are usually available as ready-made versions in different flavors, such as chocolate, nut or fruity with berries and usually with a generous addition of sugar.

A far healthier alternative is a delicious, homemade porridge, which not only scores with an irresistible taste, but can also be refined according to your mood and taste.

The tasty toppings play a decisive role here, giving the porridge a fruity, tart, nutty or sweet taste, depending on the choice made.

But which topping variants are best suited for the next porridge preparation?

We answer this question in our following post, which focuses on „The best porridge toppings for every season“.

In it, we give four tasty topping tips that are child’s play to prepare and guaranteed to round off any porridge in a tasty way.

Porridge topping tip number one: fruity toppings with a special taste

Especially for the first warm days of spring or but the long-awaited summer time are suitable for the specially prepared oatmeal muesli delicious fruit toppings.

Because these not only score with an impressive look, but also convince with many healthy ingredients.

For the sake of the environment, however, when buying the necessary ingredients should pay attention to regionality and preferably buy the fruit varieties fresh in season.

The best way to do this is to use a tried-and-true porridge recipe for a delicious topping that consists of apples and berries such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, for example.

If you prefer exotic fruits, you can add mangos, bananas and oranges to your porridge.

Porridge topping tip number two: tart toppings as a real treat for the palate

Hard to imagine, but true, tart toppings on oatmeal porridge are also an ideal alternative to other common toppings.

Especially suitable for this purpose are previously cooked vegetables from peas, corn, peppers or else ready-made spinach with mushrooms.

In addition, sautéed bacon slices and parsley can be used, seasoned with a little pepper and salt according to taste.

Porridge topping tip number three: crunchy, nutty toppings with a high fiber and protein content

Now we come to the pithy, nutty porridge topping version, which has unbeatable fiber and protein content.

For this type of topping, nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts or pecans, all kinds of seeds such as sunflower or pumpkin seeds and, of course, various seeds such as flax, hemp or the popular chia seeds are used as desired.

Depending on your taste preferences, you can lightly toast the desired amount of crunchy, nutty toppings just before serving, which enhances the flavor and creates a pleasant fragrant aroma in the kitchen.

Porridge topping tip number four: the sweet topping variant for an unforgettable taste explosion

For all lovers of sweet taste, our article also holds some helpful porridge topping tips that will sweeten any start to the day.

Let’s start with the fastest sweet topping variant, namely the jam, this can be especially when time is tight in the morning simply put on the porridge and ready is a special delicacy.

In addition to the classic jam is also suitable chocolate, which can be added in small pieces to the porridge and fits perfectly with bananas and some cinnamon.

In addition, the oatmeal porridge can be completed with caramelized fruits and a tasty honey.

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