Preventive measures – healthy in body, mind and soul

Preventive measures for the whole year

Health is man’s greatest asset. Preventive measures are consciously taken by many to keep body, soul and spirit healthy in a holistic way. Particularly in today’s performance-oriented society, a lot of physical and mental effort is required, which needs strength. Stress and multitasking are terms that some can not escape.

Requirements in education, at work, in the family must be coordinated so that there is enough time for recovery phases. Who pays too little attention to the necessary balance, powers out finally its body, the accumulator must „be charged“, otherwise health disturbances are pre-programmed.

Sufficient examples are on https://www.netdoctor.en/diseases/ visible. For the efficiency of humans are therefore the active activity, balanced nutrition, movement and sufficient sleep the conditions, in order to remain vital.

Preventive measures – Exercise in every season of the year

Especially in the cold season, the television and computer are in high demand for many people. Far too often people sit in front of these media entertainers instead of ensuring daily exercise in the fresh air. Doctors, nutritionists, fitness facilities point out again and again how important it is to exercise according to age or to be active in sports.

About 66 percent of men and 51 percent of women in Germany are overweight. Most people know that with more muscle mass the metabolism is stimulated and the connective tissue is strengthened.

Targeted training sessions in specialist facilities, combined with individual nutritional advice are available to those interested in the subject.

Strengthening the immune system is the basis for having enough defenses during the cold season that autumn and winter bring with them. The most important pillars of defense against colds are:

  • Keeping head, hands and feet warm,
  • Sufficient sleep,
  • Physical exercise,
  • vitamin-rich diet,
  • drink a lot of mineral water,
  • Hardening,
  • Strengthening the immune system,
  • Sauna.

Health experts therefore advise increasing the performance of the immune system through regular, health-oriented endurance training.

The individual exercise program against winter sluggishness will look different. These include walking, cross-country skiing in the clear winter air, skiing, Nordic walking, swimming, indoor activities in fitness or dance studios.

Preventive measures – Fit and colorful through the winter

For the immune system to function well, the diet must be right. High-quality protein, vitamins and minerals are required in sufficient quantities, especially in the winter months, when metabolism, circulation and vitamin formation are reduced to a minimum due to lack of sunlight.

Crunchy salads and root vegetables provide the body with important nutrients it needs, especially in winter. Lamb’s lettuce is considered one of the best sources of vitamins and folic acid.

Chicory contains, besides its digestive bitter substances, also cell-protecting carotene. Winter purslane (Postelein) contains more iron than spinach and is rich in magnesium. Red cabbage as a raw vegetable salad already covers almost 70 percent of the daily vitamin C requirement.

Also citrus fruits, kiwis are rich in vitamin C. Carrots contain cell-protecting carotene and promote intestinal health with their dietary fiber. Especially in the sedentary season and for people with sedentary jobs, pay attention to a healthy intestinal functionality, since about 70 percent of the immune system is located in the intestine.

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