Liposomal vitamin C – what advantages does it have for the body

What are the advantages of liposomal vitamin C?

The variety of active ingredients that water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins contain is quite different and complex. They are now even regularly used in the form of supportive therapies for cancer patients as part of chemotherapy or even radiation treatments. Because the treatment of the patients is aggressive.

Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells and, unfortunately, healthy cells as well. The medications cannot distinguish between good and bad cells. As a result, the immune system is latently weakened and requires stabilization of the body’s own system with various vitamins.

What is liposomal vitamin C?

The technology behind water-soluble active ingredients deals with the transport of differentiated active ingredients, such as magnesium or vitamins into the cells of the human body.

A liposomal vitamin is effective because its structural design, such as the double-sided outer shell and the inclusion of the active ingredients inside the nanobody, ensures direct transport into human cells.

The cell membrane and the outer shell of the nanobody are almost identical in composition. Because of this, the human cell does not reject the nanobody and the active ingredient can flow into the corresponding cell.

The loss of active ingredients, which occurs for example with conventional variants such as vitamin tablets, can be greatly minimized by this process.

Advantages and side effects of C vitamins

The water-soluble vitamin C provides its consumers with various advantages. Due to their particularly high efficacy, these active ingredients can be used for a wide variety of health reasons. Examples include:

  • Much faster breakdown of toxic environmental toxins and faster breakdown of bacterial excretory segments
  • A maintenance of vision
  • Maintenance of function and improvement of the human organism
  • Circumvention of oxidative stress with respect to the cellular level
  • Vitamins in aggregate provide the body with maximum nutrient bioavailability.

The most important advantage of these supplements is the fact that there are no side effects. The side effect of C-vitamin administration is that it compensates the skin aging process. The elasticity of the skin is thereby forced.

Liposomal vitamin C in the body

Self-production of the active ingredients

The effectiveness of the means is already scientifically known for years. However, the commercial benefits of these substances have only been recognized and used by the food supplement industry in recent years. However, the continuous intake of these means can be costly for the user in the long run.

Because of this, there is the possibility to produce the fat-soluble liposomal vitamin C by oneself. The self-production process of one is quite simple, you only need a few ingredients an ultrasound machine and a blender to produce effective water-soluble liposomal vitamin C.

The result can then be stored in a glass bottle in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks. The dosages for self-administration in this context can also be lived quite differently.


The benefits of water-soluble vitamins are complex. They cover a wide range of medical specialties and have no side effects.

The side effect consists exclusively of stopping skin aging and the emergence of the glow effect. Because the skin becomes more elastic and better supplied with nutrients.

Thus, the consumer shines with a youthful and healthy appearance from the inside out. However, in addition to the aesthetic effects, the stabilization of the immune system is also obtained or at least very effectively forced.

Regular use of the active substances contributes to a general improvement of the health condition.

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