Infrared heating – beneficial to health and saves on heating costs

Infrared heating – healthy and cost-saving

Infrared heating is inspired by the natural heat of the sun and provides a comfortable warmth throughout the room.

According to independent research, the heating systems have 100% efficiency and effectiveness.

Heating cost savings can be as much as 40% over other heating systems.

General advantages of infarothemy

A warming effect is noticeable after only minutes. Pleasant heat from 18°C room temperature, with the possibility of termostat control.

The heater runs silently, there are no wear and tear or maintenance costs. For the connection, a 230 volt socket is sufficient, there is no need for a boiler room.

The low initial cost makes it possible to use it as a main or supplementary heater.

It prevents and eliminates mold, does not create dust swirls and is therefore good for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Due to the easy assembly, it can be easily dismantled and taken with you when you move.

Heating has no CO² emissions and is therefore environmentally friendly. The payback time for the heating is ca. 3-4 years.

The infrared heater has the IP sChutzklasse 56 and is suitable for humid areas.

The heights and lengths vary according to the needs and there is a 2-year warranty on the heater.

Mode of operation of infrared heating

Infrared heat elements create heat waves, like the sun. In this way, all objects and surfaces in the room that can store heat are warmed up.

Energy is stored without loss and constantly released into the room air.

With conventional heating systems, significantly more room air must be heated in order to create a level of comfort that is close to that of a conventional heating system.

Health effects of infrared heating

Consisting of deep heat sources, infrared heating charges the organism with heat and energy. These waves provide general well-being and vitality.

When applied directly, the waves can have an anti-inflammatory effect, effectively fighting bacteria, germs and mold.

Application of the infrared ceramic heater

Possible is a wall or ceiling installation in any apartment, whether home old or new construction.

It can be installed in individual rooms as well as in the basement or bathroom/toilet, swimming pool, office, workshop or in the vacation home.

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