Bathroom conversion for a barrier-free and senior-friendly bathroom

Bathroom conversion for a bathroom suitable for senior citizens

For many older people, the bathroom in particular is one of the most important areas when it comes to barrier-free living at home. Especially the entrance into the bathtub turns out to be difficult with increasing age.

Therefore, in this article you will learn how you can convert a bathtub into a barrier-free shower and thus remain living at home until old age.

Often even small changes in the bathroom by simple aids for the bathtub are enough.

In addition, we have created a short guide for you how you can get the care insurance fund subsidy up to 4.000 euros can receive.

The concept: converting the bathtub into a barrier-free shower

Often it makes sense from an existing bathtub, which is no longer used, to use this space for the barrier-free shower.

This involves removing the bathtub and installing a barrier-free shower, resulting in the following advantages:

  • easy entry and exit into the wet area (barrier-free),
  • Optimal use of space through the expansion of the unused bathtub,
  • Lower water consumption (showering uses less water than a full bath),
  • quick installation in only ca. 8 hours.

With the concrete conversion of the bath renovation the bath advisors of the care assistance support you. After the starting signal you plan your new shower with the respective experts.

Resorting to custom-made bathroom furniture can also be a sensible measure.

This can create a lot of space and freedom of movement in the bathroom.

Bathroom conversion bathroom – Promotion of the nursing care fund up to 4.000 euros possible

With application is for a barrier-free bath reorganization by the nursing cash a promotion up to 4.000 euros possible.

The purpose of the conversion must be to make care at home considerably easier or to restore as independent a lifestyle as possible for the person in need of care or assistance.

It is important to submit the application before hiring the craftsmen and wait for the approval of the long-term care insurance company.

After commissioning and implementation of the reconstruction project, you can receive funding by submitting the invoice.

Tip: The subsidy for home adaptation can also be applied for several times if the care situation requires this conversion.

Thus, in addition to the bathroom remodeling, you can save on a lift for the stairs with up to €4.000 get promoted.

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