Cellulite by by with anti-cellulite pants, cellulite gel or sweat pants

Bye Bye Cellulite

Cellulite is a well-known cosmetic problem, especially in women of all ages. The so-called „orange peel skin“ is a flabby connective tissue, which can usually be seen on the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

Since the connective tissue in women does not hold together as tightly as in men, small fat cells can shift upwards more quickly and become visible more quickly due to the thinner female skin.

Orange peel skin is strongly favored by overweight, since the blood circulation is limited by the enlargement of the fat cells. As a result, the tissue is not supplied with enough blood and there is a slowdown in metabolism, which is noticeable by cold skin in the affected areas.

The unsightly dimples of cellulite are by no means only a problem of overweight women, because women without a large body fat percentage can also be affected, since the cosmetic problem can also be genetically conditioned. Around 90% of all women have to deal with orange peel skin at least once during their lives.

What can help with cellulite?

In the hope of getting rid of the annoying dents, many women do specific sport exercises or follow a certain dietary principle. There is no miracle cure, but still there are many products that can improve or prevent the symptoms.

Anti cellulite pants – practical and fashionable

Anti-cellulite pants are produced in a stretchy material for different sizes and are therefore suitable for all women.
The cellulite pants have small nubs or beads sewn into them, which massage the connective tissue during movement and ensure better blood circulation.

Due to the different variants and materials, the cellulite pants can be worn perfectly during Zumba, yoga or other sports and thus perfectly complement the dynamic approach against the annoying dimples.

Cellulite Gel – for better blood circulation

By the anti – Cellulite gel „Kräuterhof“ is smoothed without large expenditure the uppermost skin layer with a „Power active substance complex“ and with warmth effect better supplied with blood, since this produces a light tingling on the treated place. The cellulite gel contains a combination of different active ingredients such as caffeine and carnitine.

Caffeine has been used for centuries to treat orange peel skin, as it has a positive effect on lipogenesis, lipolysis (= splitting of fatty acids) and glucose transport. Together with carnitine, which is extracted from red meat, it actively favors the prevention of cellulite. In addition, the cellulite gel has no medical smell, but smells pleasantly of lemon and lemongrass.

Sweat pants – with the sauna weight loss effect

Overweight women should first reduce excess fat through diet and exercise. Sweat pants can help to shape your figure at the same time.

Sweat pants are made of neoprene, nylon or polyester and have several advantages:

  • On the one hand, they offer the wearer a high level of comfort as shape wear and visually support weight loss. In addition, the desired sauna weight loss effect occurs.
  • Especially during sports, the heat energy is not released to the outside, but creates a sweating effect between the skin and the sweat pants. Due to this effect, the region can be better supplied with blood, detoxified and massaged, which quickly shows a tightened and slimmer impression, as the lymph flow is stimulated.

Especially a combined application together with an anti-cellulite cream is recommended, because the gel can penetrate the skin better due to the generated heat.

The sweat pants are also suitable for men and sports muffle, because they can be worn in everyday life while walking or gardening and still look fashionable.

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