Only a virus delusion or what causes bird flu, SARS, hepatitis C

Virus mania

The world is repeatedly plagued by new terrible viral epidemics, at least that’s what it seems like when you follow the general public. As the latest horror variant the so-called swine flu virus H1N1 dominates the headlines.

The fact that the medical establishment and the media that follow it nevertheless claim that the evidence has been provided is solely due to the fact that modern medicine abandoned direct virus detection some time ago and instead makes do with indirect “detection” procedures (including antibody and PCR tests).

But the “modern” methods of virus detection such as PCR “tell us nothing about how a virus replicates, which animal carries it, or how it makes people sick,” as more than a dozen critical top virologists noted in the journal Science. “

It’s like trying to determine if a person has bad breath by looking at their fingerprints.”While other critics attribute to the indirect methods “as much significance as a coin toss” – i.e. no significance.

Swine flu, bird flu, SARS, BSE, hepatitis C, AIDS, polio

And also with scare reports about bird flu (H5N1), SARS, hepatitis C, AIDS, Ebola or BSE the population is put in fear. But this overlooks something very fundamental, namely that the existence and pathogenic (disease-causing) or lethal effect of these pathogens have never really been proven.

As the authors of “Virus-Wahn”, the journalist Torsten Engelbrecht and the Kiel internist Claus Köhnlein, also point out, studies show that it is also possible to work with the thesis that the particles, which are described by orthodox researchers as viruses attacking from the outside, are in fact particles produced by the cells themselves (for example as a result of stress influences such as drug consumption).

These particles are then picked up by, say, PCR tests and interpreted, unproven, as “evil viruses” by medical scientists, who have been “inculcated” for more than 100 years now that microbes are the great primary bringers of disease (and that only modern medicine is capable of defeating them or keeping them at bay).

The central concern of this book is therefore to steer the discussion of causes back to where it belongs as a scientific debate: to the path of unprejudiced analysis of the factual situation.

As the authors emphasize once again, the aim is not to show that diseases such as influenza, SARS, AIDS or hepatitis C do not exist. No serious critic of the prevailing virus theories doubts that humans or animals (as in the case of bird flu) are or can become sick (although many are not really sick at all, but are merely defined as sick by means of modern laboratory procedures such as antibody or PCR tests and then made sick, for example, with toxic drugs or – as in the case of many chickens, geese or ducks – slaughtered).

What evidence is there for a virus?

The question at stake is rather: What really causes these diseases called bird flu, SARS, AIDS or hepatitis C?? What evidence is there that it is (primarily) a virus?

Or is it not a virus at all, but something else entirely (chemical toxins, poor nutrition, etc)?.)? Several causes may well be possible – an idea that is completely ignored, however, because research (just like the media) is stuck in the tunnel vision of microbes – and this, although it is actually the duty of every scientist (and journalist) to analyze all possible causes.

These include drugs, medicines, pesticides, heavy metals, malnutrition, air pollution and stress. All of this can severely damage or even completely destroy the immune system – and is exactly where the victims are who are hastily given the swine flu, SARS, or hepatitis C stamp of approval to make people think they know these are viral illnesses.

To support their theses, the authors also quote numerous outstanding personalities, including the Nobel Prize winners Kary Mullis and Barbara McClintock as well as the pioneer of microbiology René Dubos, and cite almost 1100 relevant literature references.

The topic is of central importance. Because while the pharmaceutical companies and top researchers are earning splendidly and the media are driving up their ratings and circulations with sensationalist headlines (the coverage by The New York Times and Der Spiegel is discussed in more detail in the book), the citizens have to pay a huge toll without getting what they deserve in return: Education about the true causes and true necessities.

“What do we have to do? The first step is to get rid of illusions and realize that the primary purpose of modern through-commercialized medical science is not to maximize patient health, but to maximize profit,” says John Abramson of Harvard Medical School.

Torsten Engelbrecht / Claus Köhnlein
Virus mania
swine flu, bird flu, SARS, BSE, hepatitis C, AIDS, polio

How the medicine industry invents constantly epidemics and at expense of the general public billion-profits makes, inclusive. Contribution by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about vaccination, mercury and autism.

Prefaces of Prof. Dr. med. Etienne de Harven and Dr. med. Joachim Mother.

emu publishing house, Lahnstein
ISBN 3891891474, 18,90 EUR (D)
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