Home remedies – useful things from grandma’s time and their application

Popular home remedies from grandma’s time

If it scratches in the throat and tickles in the nose, a cold is probably on the way. What begins harmlessly, can develop in the worst case into a real one. Fortunately, there are many home remedies from grandma’s time, which provide relief and bring the immune system back on its feet again.

The best thing about grandma’s home remedies is undoubtedly that they have no side effects and help in a completely natural way. Ingredients such as salt, vinegar and onions should generally be present in every store cupboard.

Proven home remedies

The following home remedies and treatment methods have proven themselves and can replace or supplement the chemical products from the pharmacy.

Traditionally can Vinegar compresses for fever be used. For this, apple cider vinegar is mixed with cold water. The cloths soaked in it are then wrung out and wrapped around the calves. After three to four passes the body temperature should have regulated itself.

An old proven Home remedy for colds is onion juice, which facilitates the expectoration. For this, about 100 grams of finely chopped onions are boiled with some rock candy. The strained juice must then cool down. Daily should be taken one tablespoon each of the juice.

In addition, there are many other home remedies from grandma’s kitchen, for example, soothing teas made from peppermint, ginger and elderflower, soups (especially chicken soup) as well as mustard baths or curd compresses.

With chamomile and eucalyptus oil, dissolved in hot water, for example, can be inhaled very well for coughs, hoarseness and a sniffly nose.

What grandma’s home remedies can still do

Home remedies such as salt, vinegar & Co. but can do much more, such as removing stains of all kinds. Many of today’s cleaning products promise much and deliver little. Fact is: Each stain is different and must be treated accordingly.

Stains on textiles and clothing require different treatment than stains on upholstery, carpets or other materials. Should the simple home remedies ever reach their limits, it is therefore advisable to use high-quality stain removers.

In everyday life, the most common stains are grease stains, blood stains, red wine stains, ballpoint pen stains or wax stains. But also coffee lovers will know the problem. For example, you can remove coffee stains with Vanish, but also try their luck with home remedies.


In principle, all means, whether home remedies or chemical cleaning agents, should be used carefully and specifically. Because if the materials are damaged at the end, also the best means did not help anything.

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