Manicure trends 2019 and 2020 – What is and will be IN and OUT

Manicure trends 2019 and 2020

Every winter has an end and the trends for the coming spring and summer are already on the horizon. What manicure trends will it be this time? How do I make sure that I am also this time fully in the trend? First, you can say this: there is no right or wrong approach to your summer nail aesthetics.

For some, long nails will simply never be an option – whether it’s due to personal preference or your daily routine. For others, lime polish never blends with their personal favorite arsenal of nudes and pinks. And hey, that’s okay. As with any aspect of beauty, we encourage you to do what you want and have confidence in your unique beauty choices. Do you like this?

That said, we live in a world full of fleeting and exciting fashion and beauty trends, many of which bombard us via our phones and computers. Regardless of how eager you are to change up your current nail game, trends can be a fun source of inspiration to influence a whole new you or perhaps a slight departure from what you’re already doing.

Trends are fun and set an example. And our nails are, quite honestly, the perfect place to start.

What will be trending this coming spring and summer?

So far this year we’ve seen all sorts of cool trends, and for the coming spring and summer the cool color choices, nail shapes and artistic nail designs have only intensified.

Acrylic, extensions and dipping powder are already “out”

Acrylics, extensions and dipping powders are not only not the best for the health of our nails, but according to the experts, they’re also no longer on-trend this season or in the seasons to come. Instead, it’s recommended to work your natural nail instead.

Many ladies already much prefer to work with the natural nail and a soft gel. In this way, the nails can still get length and will look sophisticated and stunning.To promote health and growth, we recommend investing in a high-quality cuticle oil, buying a nail growth supplement, and reading our guide to growing out your nails.

Nail stickers are fully in trend while press-ons are used rather less

Yes, nail art is in, and although press-ons have had their season and are an easy way to take care of terrible nails quickly, experts agree that chic nail stickers will be the ultimate trend this season and the season to come.

Nail art continues to be a big trend, especially when it comes to telling a story over a pair of nails.Many trendy ladies love to combine their sticker packs for a special moment.

White nails – Still all the rage last summer, and now already “out” again

Although all of our experts agreed that really any pastel shade is perfect for summer, light blue variations take the top spot over a previous summer favorite: stark white.The most modern blues are those that are softer, like sky blue, cornflower blue or even cerulean.

The softer blues will give your fingertips a seaside vibe that is great for the warmer months. We’re obsessed with what comes out of paintbox ‚epic polish.

Naked manicure yes – but with neon color details please

To try out this expert-approved summer nail trend, you have two options: a nude or caramel combined with a bright base or a barely-there base with a shot of hot neon.

Sheer or nude-toned nails with geometric linear pops of neons feel fresh and vibrant in the warmer months. “In” at the moment are especially shades of pink or fiery orange. Find here the ZOYA NAKED MANICURE™ collection.

Short nails are back in fashion

Shorter nails have already gained favor again last summer. Especially short square nail with slightly rounded edges are now very popular, as they are very elegant and suitable for summer. Especially if you need to be able to do everything with your hands. A short nail can seem boring to some.

To enhance the feeling of fun and summeriness, add a touch of art to their nail. To keep your manicure in top shape this summer, we recommend checking out the best products on our online manicure products store.

Almond shaped nails are the perfect alternative

We understand it. Just as some people can’t stand long nails, others can’t stand short nails. A pretty almond-shaped manicure is the perfect middle ground between the intense (and blunt) stiletto trend and the ultra-short cut.

Anything that is not fully functional for your everyday life is trendy faded away. In terms of polish, instead of opting for classic pink or red, try going for the seasonal favorite pastel, but for a shade with a lighter finish.

Manicure trends – Conclusion

In this and the coming season, as you can see, many practical nail designs with simple but classy finishes are preferred. Long nails are replaced by shorter variations like the almond shape. Nail stickers have trumped acrylics and nail extensions in popularity and naked manicures are back in vogue, especially with neon colored details.

We recommend the ZOYA NAKED MANICURE™ collection to make nails look instantly already, healthy and natural with the simple and highly effective system. Our team of experts will be happy to help you with advice and support.

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