Digitization in medicine and health – not just a trend!

Digitalization in the field of medicine and health

Often, when people think of digitalization, they think primarily of IT. There are also other industries that are benefiting from the advance of digitalization. This is clearly illustrated by the example of the health sector.

Especially in the last few years, a lot has happened here and now even the state and health insurance companies are jumping on the digital trend.

Digital systems support a healthy lifestyle

Digitalization is often said to have a negative impact on people’s lifestyles.

Obesity is a problem of modern society, which is moving less and less due to computers and the Internet.

This point of criticism is certainly true. At the same time, everyone has the opportunity to use the digital systems as helpers and thus live healthier.

One such possibility is the use of the fitness watches with numerous functions. For example, they measure the heart rate, serve as an orientation aid with GPS or record the distance traveled.

This is how training in the outdoors can be optimally supported.

Another option is to use nutrition and fitness plans online as an aid. There are a wide variety of offers here to suit everyone.

From apps to pure plans to personal trainers who accompany one through online courses.

The doctor on the Internet is already a reality

For a long time, it was unthinkable to get a doctor’s diagnosis without having direct contact. In the meantime, however, there is the online doctor’s office.

Here, patients get in touch with general practitioners or specialists via video call and app. Doctors can also diagnose many diseases and symptoms this way.

Even if this is not the case, the online doctor saves time and money. For example, a referral to the appropriate specialist can be made directly.

Thus, the online doctor saves at least one visit to a real doctor’s office.

The state has now also recognized the advantages of digital systems. It is now possible to obtain an online sick note from a doctor in an online practice.

These sick notes are needed for the employer and to continue paying wages. Likewise, these sick notes have recently been transmitted completely digitally.

This makes reporting sick and visiting the doctor much easier for patients. In the past, after going to the doctor, there was still the trip to the employer to hand in the sick note.

Nowadays, the sick person often does not have to leave his home at all.

The advantages of this are obvious. Society benefits as well, because the risk of infecting others when going to the doctor or the workplace is eliminated.

If you also have a cold with fever, a visit to the doctor is an unnecessary burden.

Important health services that can be performed online

Digital services can also directly improve health or be used to detect diseases. There has been enormous progress here in recent years.

Anyone can quickly check whether symptoms correspond to such an illness. In case of suspicion, medical help can then be sought out.

Digital systems are also now available for self-monitoring of multiple sclerosis. This is a major advance in the treatment of the disease.

Self-monitoring is easily possible with any normal smartphone and the special app. Thus, this monitoring is as effective as it is inexpensive and thus available to all patients.

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