Sweaty feet – Possible causes and effective care measures

Tips against sweaty feet

Sweaty feet are an extremely unpleasant burden both for the person himself and for those around him.

Those who suffer from sweaty feet feel ashamed and find the smell embarrassing. The environment strongly perceives the smell.

The reason for the unpleasant smelling feet often lies in overactive sweat glands or a lack of hygiene.

There are a particularly large number of sweat glands on the feet in relation to the rest of the body, as the moisture gives the feet a better grip on the ground.

Nevertheless, there are many people who sweat excessively on their feet. As soon as bacteria start to decompose the sweat, the stench can be perceived.

Worth knowing about topics related to your shoes and feet, however, can help sufferers finally get a grip on the problem of sweaty feet.

Which tips are basically a great help to curb sweaty feet or foot sweat, the following article explains.

Care for feet regularly

If the sweat glands are excessively active, this can often be attributed to a medical condition, at least if more than 50 milligrams of sweat is produced per minute per foot. About three percent of people suffer from this phenomenon.

With the Prevention of sweaty feet it depends above all on a Comprehensive and regular care of the feet on.

Those who suffer from excessive sweat production on the feet should use these thoroughly clean two to three times per day and thereby use pH-neutral soap.

The unpleasant smell never comes from fresh sweat. The stench only starts when bacteria begin to decompose.

The spaces between the toes should be dried carefully, as bacteria spread particularly quickly in these spaces.

If moisture is again felt on the feet after a few hours, it is possible that a Rinse with clean water enough, to remove the new sweat so that the bacteria cannot decompose it.

choosing the right socks and shoes

If there is a problem with sweaty feet, do not do without them, always shoes to wear, which are breathable.

Also recommended are special insoles with cinnamon, cedar wood or activated charcoal, which have an odor-inhibiting effect and reliably absorb perspiration.

However, the soles should always be taken out after the shoes have been worn, so that they can dry completely again.

Closed shoes should always be avoided on warm days, a much better choice is flip-flops or sandals.

It also makes sense to Shoes once a week To disinfect.

A regular application of foot antiperspirant also represents a valuable tip.

Those affected by sweaty feet also have the ability to feel special socks to buy in which Contain silver ions are what the Inhibit bacteria formation.

However, replace these socks at regular intervals, as the number of silver ions decreases with washing.

Carry out foot baths

Footbaths have long since provided not only a pleasant relaxation, but also a Thoroughly clean your feet.

Footbaths with apple cider vinegar are particularly popular to counteract sweaty feet.

This can be attributed to their disinfecting effect, they also stimulate blood circulation.

To prepare this special foot bath, all you need to do is mix one-third apple cider vinegar with two-thirds water.

The feet are then to soak for about 15 to 20 minutes in the relaxing foot bath.

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