A crawling mat for the little ones made of thoughtless material

Crawling mat for smaller children made of material that does not cause concern

If the little ones begin to crawl, then a crawling mat offers itself virtually. It is made of a soft and pleasant material, protects against injuries when the children go exploring.

crawling, rolling and sealing becomes a pleasure on these crawling mats made of thought-free material.

But they also ensure that they are protected from the cold of the floor, for example, with tiled flooring. The slightly larger children can use them as a pleasant base when playing on the floor, as the crawling blankets are soft and the material makes them ideal as a play mat.

A crawling mat made of material that invites to feel good

The Eco crawling mat is characterized by a material that is suitable for a variety of uses. Easy care is also a plus that distinguishes this crawling mat.

Also, they are free of plasticizers that could have a harmful effect. So the children have optimal protection in all respects. The different sizes are suitable for all activities.

Even when the kids are a little bigger, these crawling and play mats are a comfortable surface to lie on. They also offer optimal protection if the mother wants to use them as a gymnastics mat or for yoga, for example.

It is easy on the back and the flexible material provides a slip resistance that can withstand rapid movement.

The crawling mat also offers optimum grip on smooth surfaces. The Oeko-Tex 100 is extremely hard-wearing and guarantees optimum durability.

Hygiene is important for children

In contrast to other products this material is also extremely hygienic. It is very easy to clean and can be wiped with a damp cloth or also vacuumed.

Since this crawling mat does not absorb water, nothing stands in the way of a wet wipe, should something have been spilled or some other mishap has occurred.

A hygiene spray for disinfection can also be used without any problems. It also ensures that, whether during gymnastics or during play, a pleasant warmth is kept, especially when it is a little cooler.

This makes the activities even more pleasant. Also the price-performance ratio is optimal and the quality as well as the high-quality processing guarantee a high benefit.

A crawling blanket for every place

The beautiful colors and the different sizes are suitable for any age group and also for all activities.

Also in the garden the crawling blankets can be used optimally, because of the easy cleaning they are even suitable for the swimming pool as a base, because they do not absorb moisture.

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