Enjoying wellness without barriers – a guide to the topic

Your guide to accessible wellness

The essence of the wellness retreat is that it is meant for everyone to relax and find peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Especially after the events of the last two years, more people than ever are eager to rest and relax in a calming environment.

However, it can be difficult for people with disabilities and mobility issues if they feel that their vacation destinations will not be suitable for their needs.

Aside from wheelchair accessibility, it is important that guests, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, feel that all of the activities and offerings at their chosen wellness retreat provide them with the same comfort and relaxation as non-disabled guests and that they do not feel that their presence at the retreat is a burden.

Below, you can learn more about what accessible wellness actually means.

You can also find some examples of wellness hotels and retreats across the country that are championing the idea of wellness for all to help travelers make informed decisions when it comes to booking a wellness vacation tailored to their individual needs.

What does accessibility mean for wellness vacations?

As wellness vacations become increasingly financially accessible and no longer just for the rich and famous, it is important that they also become more physically accessible to accommodate the broader range of customers and customer needs they must address.

This means incorporating accessibility into every aspect of the vacation experience, from hotel design and activity planning to guest services and support.

From the very first request for a wellness stay, guests with disabilities must be able to trust that the staff will do their best to accommodate their sometimes very complex needs as much as possible.

This may mean, for example, making sure there is enough parking available to accommodate specially adapted vehicles, and that it is not too far from the hotel’s main entrance to make check-in as smooth and easy as possible.

Here are some examples of accessible wellness hotels in Germany that pride themselves on offering a variety of accessible activities and accommodations to ensure that every guest can enjoy the benefits of a wellness vacation.

Palmberger Hof in Spiegelau near the Bavarian Forest National Park

An example of a wellness hotel in an ideal location in the middle of the nature of the Bavarian Forest is Palmberger Hof in Spiegelau.

This “oasis of contemplation” has been specially designed for guests with disabilities, as the entire hotel is built at ground level and a large elevator provides access to all other floors.

A common issue for guests with limited mobility at wellness retreats is that the actual wellness facilities, such as the spa and sauna, are located outside the main hotel, which can make them difficult to access.

Fortunately, this is not an issue at Palmberger Hof, as the wellness area, which itself is well-equipped with an indoor adventure pool with water massages, sauna, solarium and massage room, is located on the lower level.

This is accessible by elevator and was also built at ground level, so there is no need to worry about stairs and steps.

There are also great outdoor facilities such as a garden area and a rest area, which are ideal for guests with sensory disorders or autism.

Seehotel Rheinsberg

The modern 4-star Seehotel Rheinsberg is located on Lake Grienerick and is the largest hotel in Germany that has been specially adapted for disabled guests.

Automatic doors lead into the classically furnished rooms at Seehotel Rheinsberg, which offer extra space for wheelchairs.

Many of the rooms can be customized to meet different needs.

There are wide doors leading to a large balcony with a magnificent view of the Ruppin countryside.

Guests have the option of choosing between a wheelchair-accessible shower or a seated bathtub with a shower head.

There are also apartments suitable for guests with disabilities who may want a little more freedom or to be accompanied by a caregiver or family member.

This hotel stands out especially for the variety of activities it offers its guests.

Guests have access to the usual facilities of a wellness retreat, namely an accessible sauna and spa offering massages and other cosmetic treatments, but they can also participate in a variety of sporting activities.

For disabled and non-disabled guests there is the opportunity to participate in sports such as water gymnastics and archery, as well as Handybike tours. They even host an annual wheelchair rugby tournament.

Family & Health Hotel Villa Sano

On the beautiful Baltic Sea coast in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania you will find the family & health hotel Villa Sano.

This family-run hotel has been awarded the Quality Seal „Travel for All“ because of its facilities and its efforts to make the hotel as accessible as possible for guests with disabilities.

The hotel benefits from its prime location, just 5 minutes from the fine sandy beach of the Baltic Sea.

This can also be enjoyed by guests with disabilities, as there are flat entrances that facilitate access for guests in wheelchairs or with walking disabilities.

The dining rooms and reception are accessible without steps, and the hotel has 6 specially adapted rooms for guests with disabilities.

These include handrails, a shower with no thresholds, a tilting mirror above the sink, and an emergency call system available around the clock.

Health hotel the bath Peterstal – HeilBad – care center

As the name suggests, the hotel is very health-oriented and offers its guests a wide range of psychotherapeutic treatments during their stay, based on the area’s nationwide recognition as a mineral and mud spa.

These include massages, Kneipp treatments, carbonic/moore baths and foot zone reflexology.

Many of these treatments and the services offered by the hotel are designed to be enjoyed by both disabled guests and their companions or traveling companions, allowing for a truly relaxing and restorative experience for all involved.

So that guests with limited mobility do not have to miss out on exploring the beautiful nature of the Black Forest, specially adapted bicycles can also be rented at the hotel.

The hotel also offers 35 completely accessible rooms, level access to the hotel and parking directly on site.

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