Hemp and CBD – This is what the power of plants can do

Hemp and CBD: What the power of the plant can do

Most people first associate the hemp plant with an intoxicant. In Europe, the cultivation of hemp is now legal, since commercial hemp varieties are free of the intoxicating THC.

Thus, hemp can still be used as a medicinal plant without producing a psychedelic effect. The most commonly used form is an oil.

It has become apparent in recent months and years that more and more people are buying CBD oil and using it against various ailments.

Research is also in the process of analyzing what effect is possible here.

The history of hemp goes back thousands of years

Naturopathy was already used in the third millennium B.C.

It was mentioned in written notes from the field of Chinese medicine. At the time, hemp was used for ailments such as rheumatism, but also for diseases such as malaria.

In ancient Greece, on the other hand, hemp fibers in particular found a use, they were used for the production of textiles.

About 1.000 v. Chr. Dioscorides, one of the most famous pharmacologists of the ancient Greeks, published the efficacy of hemp for ear ailments. Roman scholars confirmed its effects.

In the Middle Ages, hemp was mainly used by seafarers, who relied on the strong fibers. Whether ropes or sails, the production was largely based on hemp fibers. Hemp also played a role in the production of paper.

The good reputation was lost only when hemp was abused more and more as an intoxicant. Since the 1990s, however, the focus has increasingly been on cannabidiol.

The healing power of CBD – the subject of research

For more than a decade, science has been studying the effects of cannabis and cannabinoids on various diseases.

Cannabidiol takes a special position here, because it is not forbidden according to the legislation in Germany (and Europe).

For the intoxicating effect of cannabis, THC alone is present, which is not contained in the CBD product (maximum 0.2 percent).

Consequently, CBD does not cause intoxication, but the positive effect of the cannabinoid is repeatedly confirmed by users.

There are still not enough studies to prove the efficacy also scientifically.

However, initial approaches confirm what users have also been sharing for years.

Applied CBD is, among other things, for the following complaints:

  • Allergies and asthmatic diseases,
  • Anxiety and depression,
  • Nervousness and restlessness,
  • Diabetes mellitus type 2,
  • Overweight,
  • Insomnia,
  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia,
  • Parkinson and tremor,
  • Pain and chronic inflammation.

Even though science will need a few more years to prove efficacy, there are hopes.

Cannabis has already been shown to be highly effective in numerous studies.

In Germany, for example, cannabis products can already be prescribed by doctors to combat illnesses.

Through CBD, the possibility of natural medicine has been expanded even more, without fear of the issue of illegality.

CBD has been classified as safe by the WHO and has since enjoyed growing popularity.

Due to the lack of negative influence on the roadworthiness and the lack of high, the risk in the use is extremely low.

Conclusion: CBD is an old remedy with a long and established tradition

In this country CBD products are not sold as food supplements or natural medicines. Legal regulations are responsible for this.

However, users of CBD oil or cosmetics still rely on the effect for certain problems.

Oils are usually absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouth and can be dosed individually thanks to different concentrations.

CBD capsules and cosmetic products are not as widespread as the classic CBD oil, but are nevertheless becoming increasingly popular.

Thanks to the review of history, this is not an experimental remedy, but an old and proven tradition.

Thanks to the legally available products, CBD is unrestrictedly available for people over the age of 18.

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