Natural contraception instead of the pill – A direct comparison

Why natural contraception without hormones is worthwhile?

The pill is a very popular means of contraception and is therefore used very often. Due to the popularity of this product, numerous alternatives are usually not even considered by many people. Of course, the question arises whether there are not variants here, which are to be regarded as significantly better and also significantly healthier.

The disadvantages of the pill – What many people do not take into account

The pill is so popular in today’s world that many people don’t even research the product directly anymore. It is practical „normal“ to use the pill as contraceptive. However, this also means that many people are unaware of the side effects or general effects on the body.

The pill has a hormonal effect, which directly affects the body. A direct effect on the body, no matter in what form is always an effect that should be considered with caution.

It must be clearly understood here that one interferes with one’s own human organism and wants to change it with the help of artificially manufactured products. This situation can also lead to a defensive behavior of the body.

In principle, this sounds not bad at first, but if you look closer, you will quickly realize that this is a much bigger problem.

For example, a hormonal change in the body can cause typical features of a woman to regress. But this is not the only point. The body itself can also be affected internally here.

If the harmonic change is too strong for the body, this can lead to the fact that the typical functions, as for example the production by the ovaries is impaired. More precisely, the pill can also lead to infertility.

Of course, it must be made clear at this point that this is only the case in a few cases. However, the risk exists for practically every person who uses the pill as a contraceptive.

The advantages of natural contraception – What you should know?

It is only necessary to name one advantage here to make clear why natural contraception is more sensible than using the pill. Natural contraceptives do not interfere with the human organism and therefore can not harm it.

This point alone is enough to clearly show why one should rather resort to such products than to the pill. In addition, there are numerous different options that can be used. These should also be briefly described here.

4 ways of natural contraception

The most commonly used natural contraceptives are:

  • Contraceptive computer,
  • IUD,
  • Diaphragm,
  • and the temperature method.

However, these should not only be simply named, but of course also briefly presented once. Therefore, here is a brief overview of the individual natural contraceptives.

The contraceptive computer

The latest variant here is the contraceptive computer. Due to today’s technical possibilities, such a computer can be used to determine exactly when fertilization is likely and when it is excluded.

The advantage with this product is the fact that this principle works very safely.

On the basis of different measurements it can be determined here exactly, when which situation is present. This can be analyzed as well as recorded of course.

But beware, not all contraceptive computers that are available for purchase are really suitable for contraception! This magazine article shows that only 3 contraceptive computers proved to be safe in the test.


The IUD is probably the best known natural contraceptive device. This product is inserted directly into the woman’s uterus and thus prevents the fertilization of the eggs. This is also called contraception.

This product has been used successfully for years. However, one drawback to this product is the fact that the IUD must be used medically. So a visit to the doctor is required.

The diaphragm

Diaphragm is also a medical device, which is placed in front of the uterus. In simple terms, this product could also be called a sperm blocker, which prevents sperm from entering the uterus and fertilizing an egg.

The advantage of this product is the fact that it can be used without medical assistance.

The temperature method

The temperature method refers to the basal temperature in the female body by which one can determine the fertility of the woman. In principle, this method is very simple, but it requires a higher level of documentation.

For the correct application, a protocol should be kept in order to obtain accurate results. Even if this sounds very difficult at first, a closer examination of the method will show that this is not the case. Easier than this method, however, is still the contraceptive computer.


4 possibilities for natural contraception have been presented here, all of which have their advantages and in some cases also disadvantages. Nevertheless, compared to the pill, all variants are significantly healthier for the human body.

Neither of these variants alters the human body, which is a significant advantage. As you can see from the possibilities, there are two different ways of natural contraception.

On the one hand the contraception by measuring different factors. On the other hand, through the use of sperm blockers. Both variants are equivalent and promise the same effectiveness and reliability.

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