Testosterone With these 5 tips you increase your testosterone level

With these 5 tips you will increase your testosterone level

Testosterone is a hormone, a biochemical messenger of the body, an androgen. Testosterone is found in both sexes. In women it is mainly produced in the ovaries, in men in the testicles. Both also produce it to a small extent in the adrenal glands.

Testosterone has two different properties

  • 1. Its androgenic effect makes “the man a man”, so it ensures that the penis and testicles are formed and maintained, it regulates facial hair and provides a masculine, deep voice.
  • 2. Its anabolic effect makes the muscles grow and provides a strong bone structure.

Normally, the brain controls the production and release of the hormone. The majority of testosterone circulates through the bloodstream. In order to be quickly at the respective site of action, a certain protein is used to which the testosterone can dock.

This protein is called the “sex hormone binding globulin(SHGB)”. If the testosterone is now docked to this SHGB, it is called bound testosterone. However, this bound testosterone has virtually no effect on the body, only the free testosterone can penetrate into cells and act there.

5 tips for increasing testosterone levels

Tip 1: Healthy fats
With regard to fats, people like to talk about “healthy” and “unhealthy” fats. This difference in fat quality refers to saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Then, in the last category, we find the fats that are of central importance for the human organism: Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

  • Saturated fatty acids: these are produced by the body itself, no external supply is required. These fats should be the exception rather than the rule in the diet, as they are said to be responsible for cardiovascular and vascular diseases. Mainly saturated fatty acids are found in animal products and in palm or coconut oil.
  • Trans fatty acids: have a reputation for causing degenerative diseases. They are unsaturated fats, which are found especially in fried and processed foods.
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids: also tend to be classified as healthy fats, as they have a positive influence on cholesterol levels. They lower LDL levels and are mainly found in avocados and vegetable oils(z.B. Olive oil) to find.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids: here we find omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential for human life. Especially Omega-3 should be consumed mainly.

The testosterone molecule consists, biochemically seen, of a fat formula. Therefore, attention should be paid to the intake of healthy fats for a harmonious testosterone balance.

Tip 2: Fill up on vitamin D and sun
The majority of vitamin D (about 80%) is formed in the skin. Only about 20% we take in with food. It is found especially in fatty fish (herring, salmon). These quantities, which are taken in with the food, do not cover the physical need however by far and thus the best supplier is and remains the sun.

However, not everyone lives by the sea, because the rule for sufficient sun exposure is 1 to 2 sunny days on the beach per week. It can be helped here with dietary supplements. A dosage of 2000-3000 IU vitamin D per day should significantly increase testosterone levels. To be taken with a meal that has fats, since vitamin D is fat-soluble.

Tip 3: Healthy and sufficient sleep
The biggest enemy of testosterone is lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. It is advisable to devote about one third of the day to sleep. This should then be around 8 hours.

For adequate sleep, the room should be dark and, of course, quiet. Also, a certain routine (the same routine before going to bed, always going to bed at the same time, etc.) can be very harmful.) help to find sleep more easily.

Sufficient and quality sleep is very important for our body. During sleep, important metabolic processes take place and only in this way can a healthy body be maintained, which is also able to naturally increase testosterone levels.

Tip 4: Abstain from alcohol and nicotine
Germany is the stronghold of alcohol consumption. Men are by far the majority of those who drink. Everyone knows that alcohol, when consumed regularly, leads to a number of harmful processes in the body. Among other things, it interferes with the production of hormones, which include testosterone.

And alcohol can also cause sleep disorders – however, a healthy, sufficient sleep is essential if you want to increase your testosterone levels in the blood naturally.

The situation is similar with nicotine and other drugs. They all inhibit the production of hormones (testosterone) and should, if the testosterone level is to be increased, best be avoided completely.

Tip 5: Food supplements
Maca: The so called “saponin” in maca is partly converted to testosterone. The testosterone level is however, according to studies, only insignificantly increased – the libido however increases by leaps and bounds.

Zinc: On the one hand, zinc is a co-factor for the production of testosterone in the so-called Leydig cells, but it also inhibits the enzyme aromatase-this breaks down testosterone and inactivates it. Therefore, zinc is very good for increasing testosterone levels.

Testosterone booster: The safest way to get exactly the amount of testosterone you want into your body. Testoboosters, however, all contain no natural or artificial testosterone.

However, most preparations contain saponins, also called steroid alkaloids. Saponins are the protection of the plant from which they are obtained-they protect it from fungi.

Furthermore, the amino acid D-aspartic acid is contained in the dietary supplements. However, neither of these substances is a biological precursor of testosterone. The substances are only intended to activate the body’s own production of hormones.

Another advantage of taking dietary supplements is that they can also be used to increase the erection or to increase the number of erectile dysfunctions. can be influenced.

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