Tension and pain – these remedies can help

Help with neck pain and tension

Neck pain and tension have become a real widespread disease in Germany for a long time now. If they persist for longer than twelve weeks, they are henceforth even considered chronic.

There are numerous patients who only have their symptoms treated and from now on depend on the continuous intake of painkillers. But how can the massage now effectively help against these problems and provide relief?

Better blood circulation for pain relief

In fact, neck pain is actually quite normal muscle pain. Often they come from too much and long tension of the muscle.

This means that the tissues can only be supplied with nutrients to a moderate extent, and small painful pressure points are more and more likely to occur.

In most cases this is also caused by constant work at a desk or PC, where many people bend forward too much.

Acupressure for tension

In practice, various measures, such as traditional acupressure, have proven to be a means of improving the situation.

At the same time, a classic massage or a Thai massage of the affected region can contribute a lot to a rapid improvement.

Because during this time, the blood flow to these areas is actively stimulated, which puts the nutrients in a better flow. Also stuck muscle fibers or fasciae are from now on no longer a significant problem in dealing with the situation.

The massage also for home

However, in order to preserve the effects for as long as possible and perhaps even completely eliminate chronic pain, frequent treatment is necessary.

Those who do not want to visit a massage studio more than once a week can also use the Blackroll for home use.

This sports equipment can be used to practice an active form of self-massage, which can also be used to specifically address tension in the upper back and the neck area.

This is therefore a good way to get to several treatments a week. Clear progress can be seen in the majority of patients within just a few weeks.

The best for health would be to repeat the procedure up to three times a week. With it the tensions can be overcome well.


In fact, massage is a much more sustainable approach to overcoming the problem than the use of classic painkillers.

For this reason, too, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on these far-reaching possibilities, which you can use for yourself in the process.

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