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I tried to disable grub delay by setting grub timeout to zero. after that I tried to update grub but I'm getting this warning. 'sudo update-grub Generating grub configuration file ... WARNING: Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to device scanning. done' Thanks :)
asked Jan 7 Srinath 120 points 3
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On Preferences > Behavior, I selected Single click to open items, but I still need to double-click on items to open them. Why? What else do I need to do to use a single click to open items from Files?
asked Jul 15, 2020 kiamlaluno 1.3k points 1 4 10
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It would be nice if cups-pdf was included in the repositories so it does not have to be built from source.
asked Jun 8, 2020 usegnu 110 points 4
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I am Korean, and I am a beginner on Linux. I've been experiencing a lot of OSs lately, and Solus is the most inspiring OS for me. I would like to use this in connection with my artistic creative work. But there is one problem. I have two web browsers that I use ... install on solus. 1. opera browser ( 2. whale browser (
asked Apr 21, 2020 hue 110 points 1 4
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angal@mangal .'Dlddddddddddd'. OS: Solus 4.1 fortitude .'dddXMxdddddddddddddd. Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.5.6-149.current .dddddxMMM0;dddddddddddddd. Uptime: 16m 'dddddlMMMMMNcddddddddddddddd. Packages: 823 ddddddcWMMMMMMWlddddddddddddddd. Shell: bash 5.0.11 ... [42.0°C] .lddddxxxxxxddddooooooooood GPU: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ivybridge Mobile .:oooooooooooooooooooc' RAM: 1830MiB / 3827MiB
asked Mar 9, 2020 rahul 110 points 3
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Greetings! Is there anyway to disable the GNOME login screen, and just login in with the command line? I think I remember logging into Solus without the GNOME login screen in previous versions (I could be mistaken though). Then after the user and password were approved the ... the GNOME desktop for the user. Is this still possible? And how would I got about doing so? Thanks for your time :)
asked Feb 1, 2020 littlesthacker 110 points 4
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I am on Solus Mate and have connected this printer in other distros even if I've had to install drivers manually in most of them but the printer settings app doesn't see it as if it is not connected or switched on, so I am stuck at square one. It is ... scanner with iscan but that also ask me to check for connection - Lsusb gives usual output; ID 04b8 1121 Seiko Epson Corp. ET-2650 Series
asked Jan 13, 2020 The Violinist 120 points 1 5
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Hello, I want to install the synology drive client. I can't find it in the solus repository is it possible to add it? if not tell me what possibility there is to install it thank you in advance
asked Jan 9, 2020 xavier.fleury 110 points 1 3
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Is it possible to install Jupyter Notebook in Solus? Have a good day.
asked Dec 11, 2019 e_aybars 110 points 1 3
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Any help appreciated.
asked Dec 3, 2019 ken32 110 points 3
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Hi, I loved Solus and I wouldn't like to change it but I'm having issues to installing sql developer package, there is only rpm from oracle resource ( I tried to install Alien too from (https://packages. ... but I cannot install .deb files on Solus. Do you have any alternative or solution? Thank you so much, you made a great job.
asked Nov 1, 2019 pedroguicho 130 points 1 3
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Hi, I'm trying to put dnsmasq working along with NetworkManager by adding this: dns=dnsmasq to the [main] section of etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf just like I did several time for Arch in the past. However when I restart the NetworkManager service seems that this is ignored. what am I missing ? Thanks
asked Oct 21, 2019 embb 130 points 1 6
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Where can I change the keyboard autorepeat settings (rate and start delay)?
asked Oct 18, 2019 roebotron 140 points 1 2 4
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steam won't open when i run it form a terminal i get this output GPU gtx 1080 closed drivers Running Steam on solus 4.0 64-bit STEAM_RUNTIME is disabled by the user Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1570046470) libGL error ... .dmp[2182]: file ''/tmp/dumps/crash_20191011204136_1.dmp'', upload yes: ''CrashID=bp-3d911879-180b-44eb-97ae-a7dac2191011''
asked Oct 18, 2019 nonetrix 110 points 3
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Hello everybody, How can we fix GUB in one command line ? The Case : I have computers with 5 Linux distros and I want to keep only 1 or 2 Distros with bigger partitions by erasing the partitions of the other distros Then : I used gparted live I 've deleted the boot, swap, ... it is OK Windows + Solus only = ??? Is there a simple command to fix GRUB on MBR ??? Thanks for your help, Best regards.
asked Sep 28, 2019 SOLUS_INVICTUS 220 points 2 6
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I'm trying to run ungoogled chromium and this is in the readme. Before you run, you must setup your system so the browser's sandboxing will work. There are two options: * Use the user namespace sandbox. This is the preferred option. * Use the ... should be found online. How do I correctly setup namespace sandbox for chromium in Solus? there's no kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone. Thank you.
asked Sep 10, 2019 ceramics 140 points 1 4
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Hi, can any one help with installation of my printer canon mf3010 in solus ?don't have much knowledge with commands rather than copy paste. So I'll really appreciate step by step what to do. Thank you
asked Sep 7, 2019 danny.nyssa 120 points 3