Security Advice? (Firewall / AV)

Just generally curious about what other Solus users use in order to protect their machines. I’m  currently using UFW with GUFW installed as well. Is this enough protection or should I use an AV as well? If so, what AV?

Level 2 Asked on April 29, 2018 in General.
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You don’t need install any anti-virus software on a typical decent Linux system such as Solus. Your operating system is set up so that any program you run needs your express permission for making any changes to your system files. Another reason viruses are going to be much less of a problem for you with Solus is the follows – all software in the software center is basically vetted by the Solus team! You’re not going on some random website to install a program you’d like rather, you’re installing your programs from a highly trusted source.

Level 1 Answered on May 16, 2018.
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