no gnome after last system update

Hi all

I am using solus – gnome and 2 days ago I did a system update using “sudo eopkg upgrade”. It ended successfully, but then I rebooted my laptop and it freezes in [[ Solus Operating System]] … just before the desktop showed up !!

The only thing I can do is Ctrl+Alt+F1 and login, then “sudo systemctl restart gdm.service”

I then shows the [[ Solus Operating System]] screen (is it trying to load gnome ??) but nothing else !!

any suggestions ?

Level 1 Asked on November 21, 2018 in General.

something to add…

before the problem I described, the system often complained “not enough space on /” (something like that)

I don’t know if it is relevant, but I mention it

on November 22, 2018.
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Login within terminal

sudo eopkg history (find patch number to revert)

sudo eopkg history —takeback #

should take you back to a usable system to further diagnose.

GParted should be able to show you what partitions are low on memory and be able to configure that to your needs.

Be careful when using GParted as it can worsten the situation and cannot be fixed by a simple history change.

Good Luck!~


Level 1 Answered on December 18, 2018.
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