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I notice that when I cut/copy and paste any file from one location to another, there is no progress bar at all. Right now, I’m copying a large set of files, over 100GBs, to another hard disk and the only way I can check the progress is to look at the size in the properties of the destination. Is there anything I can install so that Files shows the progress? I know I can use the command line, but I’d prefer a GUI solution. Thank you.

Level 1 Asked on January 24, 2018 in General.
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Usually the file transfer progress is displayed in the title bar as follows

RE: No file transfer progress bar

Can you pls confirm whether your issue is he same described in the following link


Level 4 Answered on February 1, 2018.
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I think it depends on the size of the file for some reason. After writing my original post, I then copied some files and the progress bar showed up. It just doesn’t show up all the time. Just now, I was copying two folders totalling about 2GBs to a USB drive and there was no progress bar. I then copied a larger iso (5.3 GB) and it appeared for both external drive and Desktop transfers. I’m wondering whether it depends on the size of the file whether or not the progress bar shows up or not. The destination doesn’t seem to be a factor, though with external drives, it’s more of an issue, as you don’t know whether it’s done copying or not, although it won’t let you eject until the transfer is complete. Just now, I had another incident with an external drive where the progress bar showed complete seconds after initiating the paste when it clearly wasn’t, as the drive light was still flashing and when I hit eject, it said the volume was busy. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to it. In my very unprofessional opinion, it is a bug of some sort. I wish I could be more helpful.

Level 1 Answered on February 1, 2018.
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