How to turn “touch button” for wi-fi ON for HP Pavilion DV6-1120ei?

Hey there,

I have an old HP Pavilion DV6 running latest Solus. A few months back I was running Solus and CAELinux as dual boot. I decided to reformat and go for the latest Solus afresh – but since I did that, the wi-fi enable/disable hardware button refuses to work. On the Pavilion DV6’s the button is like a touch-sensitive LED, orange for OFF, blue for ON.

I can briefly turn the wi-fi on while booting, but it seems once the Solus files are fully read in/committed, the wi-fi is turned off and the “button” is non-functional.

Any ideas here? I know on some other Linux distros you need to modify some files in the /etc/ folder to “force” the wi-fi on?


Level 1 Asked on October 12, 2018 in General.
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