How i managed to save solus after half upgrade using nomodeset and nmcli

  1. Go to grub menu and press e then look for a line start with ‘linux’ and then in that same line look for ‘quiet’ and then add ‘nomodeset’ word after quiet
    example:  linux something something quiet nomodeset something something and press ctrl+x to save the setting for the boot
  2. boot will take 3-5 minutes and then press ctrl+shif+f1 to jump into cli mode and enter your username and password
  3. use nmcli to connect to wifi
    nmcli device wifi rescan
    nmcli device wifi list    #it will give you name of SSID/wifi name
    nmcli device wifi connect wifi_name password wifi_password
  4. sudo eopkg up
    now upgrades will install
  5. reboot
  6. happy hacking
Level 1 Asked on February 5, 2018 in General.
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