After Install this OS my windows is missing

Hallo. Yesterday i wanna dualboot this os with windows 10. After installation i restart my laptop after that i can’t find windows 10 only bootable media (flash disk) and boot efi solus os in my harddrive.What should I do? Oh yes one more thing, wifi on my laptop can not be used there written disconnected. Please help

Level 1 Asked on December 1, 2017 in General.
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There is not enough information to actually tell why, so these are just guesses.

The Windows boot loader may have been removed in the install process. You will need to setup a bootloader to load Windows up in that case, you won’t have any data loss. This is a starting point. You will need to search around a bit more for help, but there should be plenty of information online.

Another possibility is that you opted to overwrite your Windows partition when installing. If this is the case, you have now lost all your data sadly.


If you provide a screenshot of your HDD/SSD selected in the “Disks” application (or even better, gparted) it will be a lot easier to tell what is going on.


To get your WiFi working, connect to a wired network (or bluetooth PAN, if bluetooth is working) and open up DoFlicky. There will be a list of drivers, so just select the WiFi one and press install.

Level 1 Answered on December 2, 2017.
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If you have “not” selected to overwrite the existing windows installation and you made a separate boot partition chances are you just need to change the boot priority from the bios boot order menu .
Just goto bios by using del, f12, f2 or any keys specific to your computer and make the windows boot manager as highest priority( top) save and reboot.

Hope that works

Level 1 Answered on January 7, 2018.
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