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I can not figure out how to install Gambas 3 in Solus. It is an application similar to Microsoft Visual Basic for Linux. It is not in the repositories sadly, but i downloaded a tar.gz file from the official website of the application, but i have no idea how to install it. It gives me stuff that i need to compile. I tried compling it, but it didn't work because of dependencies. Resolved the dependencies, compiling is ok, and there is no executable! There is a .desktop file, but it won't even open. What should i do?

Tar.gz File:

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I did a search in dev tracker of solus. Seems like nobody has requested gambas package yet. Its better to add a package request as described in the following url

Hopefully solus packaging team will consider packaging it for solus.

Myself tried installing it from source. But encountered many issues and it did not pass the make install step.

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