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How to install Chromium in Solus. Its not available in Solus repository.
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2 Answers

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Chromium is already requested for packaging. But its set as low priority

Marking as low priority due to:

  1. We already have Chrome
  2. The source tree for Chromium is massive and it needs an API key for compiling (IMO we need to facilitate private keys in some fashion).

There is a workaround if you really want to use it. You can use appimage to run chromium

Download Chromium .appimage file from the following location

Since its appimage, you dont have to install it. Just right click on the downloaded file and go to  Properties -> Permissions and check “Allow executing file as a program” checkbox

Once done, you can double click the file to run Chromium. I did not test much. But basic browsing works fine.

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Solus now support Snaps. You can install Chromium with following command

sudo snap install chromium


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