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Posted by fusion809

I’ve run:

eopkg up
eopkg it broadcom-sta

in a chroot into my brand new Solus system. As you can probably guess this managed to download the packages, but cannot install them from within a chroot. I’d like to be able to complete these transactions after booting Solus. Unfortunately, my internet connection relies on that broadcom-sta package, so I need to be able to install it without an internet connection. eopkg, however, downloads repo metadata when run, even when all the packages are in the cache. Is there a way to complete these transactions, or at least the eopkg it broadcom-sta transaction without an internet connection?

I know the hardware-related alternatives to get around this like getting an ethernet cable and changing my WiFi chip, but unfortunately neither of these options are practical for me at the moment so please limit your answers to the above software problem.

Thanks for your time, it is very appreciated.


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