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Posted by: s65d4fs654dg

After I installed the system  I get kernel panic error when boot sometimes.  I googled and install the lts kernel, eopkg command force me install  requirement  packages. After that kernel panic is gone ,but lot of applications didn’t work, etc. some settings, mpv player, also  system stuck in shut down and restart about 2 minutes sometimes.  Then I  full update the system,  this time system setting  application  disappeared except  software center,  stuck problem still there.  So,  I  just want the lts kernel , no more update.

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1 Answer

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Posted by: mohammedyar

for installing the kernal use

sudo eopkg install linux-lts


sudo eopkg install linux-lts-headers

sudo eopkg upgrade kernel

and then update bootloader

sudo clr-boot-manager update

sudo reboot

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