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i installed solus recently in uefi mode.but only either windows or linux shows up by selecting in bios menu as “windows boot manager” or “linux boot manager”

how to make linux boot manager detect win 10 and show as list in startup?

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1 Answer

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Posted by: xKeiro

The Issue:

Solus by default sets 0 timeout when booting from an uefi partition which basically automatically loads Solus

Solution (temporary): (good if you very rarely boot to windows)

You can repeatedly press “Space”  on your keyboard when booting up, which will show you the actual boot menu where you can select either Solus or your Windows installation

Solution (permanent): (good if you regularly windows)

1.: Boot into Solus

2.: Open up your terminal and type: sudo clr-boot-manager set-timeout 5

3.: Enter your password

4.: Next type this in: sudo clr-boot-manager update

5.: Reboot your PC

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