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Posted by: jeff

I am ubuntu user. I extensively use Gdebi for installing software which I download in .deb format. What it the alternative for such an application in Solus?
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Posted by cipricus

The deb files cannot be installed in Solus ( The deb format is exclusive to Debian-based systems like Ubuntu. Solus is not based on Ubuntu nor Debian, but is a newly created Linux with its own packaging format. So, there is no alternative to Gdebi in Solus as there is no need for a GUI for installation of deb files. Also: .

Also, there is no equivalent of Ubuntu’s PPAs:

Software Center is the way to install programs in Solus. If a desired program is not there: Or try to build it yourself while asking for assistance.

Some Solus users use the appimage format to run applications that are not available in Solus. Appimage is not an installable package format (and therefore it’s not the equivalent of deb files), but a sort of “portable” packages – more here:

Some are provided here:, useful when those programs are not  already in the Software Center source,  but many already are.

So, search first in the Software Center.

I haven’t really used appimages, and some that I’ve tried didn’t work. The idea is to make the appimage executable in Nautilus under /Properties/Permissions, then execute it. You will get something like this:

Accepting means the launcher can be searched in the Budgie menu:

If you are looking for a way to install separately downloaded .eopkg file (just like downloaded .deb file in Ubuntu) , You can achieve this using following command

sudo eopkg it /path/to/packageFile.eopkg

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