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Sometimes I just hit shut down forgetting I had my firefox session open, which I like to keep all tabs and windows across reboots. Solus shuts down so quickly and every time I forget to close it my self before clicking shut down, in the next boot it shows a tab recovery screen. Sometimes it doesn't recover all windows, and what's worse is if I forget again and shutdown, those tabs will be lost forever. It happened. Now, am I forgetful? Sure, but the machine should work to compensate for that, not the other way around! So is there any way I can have Solus properly quit at least firefox?

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Thats because 2 Firefox values

browser.sessionstore.interval , expressed in n mili-seconds (15000 by default), this value stores how often the session is saved, you can use a smaller number at cost of performance.

browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash, this boolean value express if the session is restored after a crash (like a shutdown)

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