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Posted by:jittopjose

Print Screen button does not work properly in Budgie. How to use Print button to take screenshot

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2 Answers

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You can assign a custom keyboard shortcut

Got to  Settings -> Keyboard -> Custom Shortcuts

Click on + sign to add a new custom shortcut.  Give the command as “gnome-screenshot”  (attached image)

after clicking on Add button, you can see the newly added shortcut in the list. Click on the right end of that row which labeled  ‘Disabled’. It will change to ‘New Accelerator’.  Then press the Print Screen or Print button on keyboard. Thats it…

Now you can take screenshot by simply pressing  Print button….

Also refer the attached Screenshot posted by Chris Druif (in G+)  for more options available for screenshots

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Posted by : cipricus

If you ever want to try a simpler solution, install the scrot package, then you can add some commands to your shortcuts:

to select and save a region: scrot -s

to save a selected region after a delay in seconds: scrot -s -d

The images are automatically saved in your $HOME

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