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Answers by linuxbuild

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Posted by Nickr Hi, I'm new to Solus and Linux in general, but have used Linux on and off for a few months. Was liking my dual boot on my AMD PC, but have just installed it on a compute stick. It all works fine initially, but after running the first ... all other suggestions on the web appear to need internet, but the compute stick doesn't have an ethernet port to bypass the wifi. Any suggestions?
answered Nov 15, 2019
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Posted by laurynas Hello, I’m having issues with WiFi under load. If I download from steam without limiting the speed or watch a Youtube video my wifi just stops working and I have to reconnect to my WiFi even though it shows up as connected. Using my phone’s tethering to access the internet works completely fine, but I don’t want to have phone attached to my laptop all the time. Any suggestions?
answered Nov 15, 2019
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Posted by: EQLucky Beforehand, this isn't something critical, but simply weird. A screenshot will speak for itself: You can see screenfetch is telling me I am using my intel 530, while neofetch the nVidia. inxi, in the other part, is the one I trust most, since ... mind about this, but it's weird not having a simple info answered by those tools. Anyone having the same problem with dual graphics?
answered Nov 15, 2019