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Posted by: jittopjose I installed Vivaldi (snapshot) via solus software center. It seems working fine while browsing. It allow to install chrome extensions. So I installed hangout. But vivaldi crashes when login to hangout. Any hint about the root cause?
asked Jan 13, 2019 aaron 15.8k points 28 106 160
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Post by: grego79 Recently installed Solus on my work laptop, and surprisingly when trying to jump from word to word in gnome-terminal, it shows the character involved in the signal: To fix this, add the following lines on your .bashrc file, located in your home directory: bind '" ... bind '"\e[1;5C": forward-word' To apply this to the root user, add those lines in /usr/share/defaults/etc/profile:
asked Jan 13, 2019 aaron 15.8k points 28 106 160