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I'm trying to get Qt Creator up and running. I can't set up a kit, because the debugger can't be found. I've installed sudo eopkg install -c system.devel I've installed qt base-devel, but I'm now stuck. Any suggestions as to where to look next? Update: After reading ... cannot find the Qt package ..I can't find anything that yells here is qt! so I may have to download it from the qt website.
asked Feb 4, 2019 aaron 16k points 19 96 141
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Posted by : efsolus I have installed qt5-demos, but “Examples” tab is empty and nothing appears. Thanks!
asked Jan 14, 2019 aaron 16k points 19 96 141
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Posted by: efsolus Hi there! I installed QT-Creator. When I attempt to build a QT console application, it is building nice. But when I run it, only waits, no output, no running?? just empty project. (trace: “Starting {path}…” and nothing is happen.) Then I tried QT Widget application, but it gives error during building, “cannot find -lGL” Thanks!
asked Jan 13, 2019 aaron 16k points 19 96 141
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