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I'm using Solus with KDE on my laptop.

However I've to install W10 to use some soft. My laptop works with UEFI & an Optimus Nvidia GTX 1050.

I'm using Refind instead of grub atm but I can change it.

How should I process to create my dual-boot ?

Moreover Solus is on my SSD and I've another disk (hdd) of 1To ( 500Go for storage & 500Go to install windows)
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I've done it and everything is working...

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You can install W10 on the 500g drive by using your installation media. Refind will allow you to boot from the media if it is in the drive at the reboot.

However, I believe that the recommended procedure is to install W10 first and Linux afterwards. I don;t know how much diffrence it makes.
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