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Post by : elkott

Hello, all:

I need to install the Anaconda Python computing platform ( on Solus, and will appreciate any help with this task.

I downloaded Anaconda for Linux, and followed the installation instructions, but that did not work at all.  I am not sure if this has to do with the folder where I directed the Anaconda installer to extract the system (I placed it on “Home/applications/anaconda3/”).

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and have a great day.

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1 Answer

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Post by: diahron

I downloaded the program to my downloads folder. Went to the command line, navigated to downloads folder. Enter the command that was given to install the program and it worked. What type of errors did you get? Did it mention any dependencies?
Anaconda is a huge program, even before you install it. Solus has everything you need to program in python. All you need is to add a good editor, i.e. Atom, Visual Studio Code. I also believe in using a virtual environment.

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