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Possted by braindrain

Dear community,

I’m not able to install a MegaSync GUI for Solus. There is no rep I can download on the official website, since all are for other Linux distros.

The only rep I could find was megatools (which I downloaded through the application center on Solus). But that works only with cmd – so no GUI.

Can anyone here please tell me how to install a MegaSync GUI on Solus?

What I need to do: I have a directory on MegaSync that I want to have on my computer, so it syncs all the time.

Kind regards,

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3 Answers

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Posted by jocho

Check out this link:

The owner has made an eopkg package for megasync. It works flawlessly here. The one glitch was that it could not handle two factor authentication (2FA), I had to disable 2FA via account manager on the Mega website (I have a strong long password).

If you’re worried about security and prefer not to use the eopkg, then have a look at “megatools” already in the Solus repo. It’s a command line tool to interact with Mega and is also ideal for use in scripts

One of the pain points of moving to Solus for me had been the lack of Megasync. I’d already tried megatools but got nowhere as it always threw an error. Having installed the megasync GUI from the eopkg mentioned I realized that perhaps using 2FA was also why I could not login with megatools, so from the command line I ran “megals” (a metatools command to list your files on Mega) and sure enough my Mega file list appeared with no problem (you need your login details in an .megarc file to save having to add them to every individual command. See documentation) – so be aware that megatools will not work with 2FA.

You can install megatools from the Solus software centre

or from the command line with

sudo eopkg it megatools

The website for megatools is

There is good documentation there (the command names are out of date)
megatools provides the following commands:
megacopy megadf megadl megaget megals megamkdir megaput megareg megarm

and each has it’s own man page.

Hope that helps


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Posted by algent

I added a third repo where megasync was.

Installation was succesful.

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Posted by jacho

Now the devil505 repository, which had megasync among others, is no longer maintained.

The good work is being carried on by Abdulocracy, at:

I’ve switched repos with no problem. The latter repo has a more up-to-date version of megasync.

Both repos have proved useful to me and i wish well to the owners

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