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Posted by raysonjamal

Hello, I’m new to Solus and I really like it. However the font rendering looks kinda strange to me. For example in Thunderbird mails or in Firefox (see screenshot). Is there a way to get a simular font rendering like on Mac or Windows? I’ve used Infinality on Debian.


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2 Answers

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Posted by JakobP

Make sure font hinting and antialiasing settings are correct using the Gnome Tweaks tool.

You can install Gnome Tweaks by running

sudo eopkg it gnome-tweaks

in a Terminal and then run it from the applications menu. You’ll find Tweaks in the Accessories category.

On the Fonts tab, set Hinting to Slight and pick the antialiasing mode appropriate for your monitor.


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On Solus Budgie, the font hinting and font anti-aliasing settings can also be changed from Budgie Desktop Settings, from the Fonts tab.


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