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Posted by kurogosane

Ok, I’m having trouble understanding solus a bit. I’ve downloaded the targz file for vscode because the one in the software center is outdated. I downloaded it directly from the site and what happened is that I extracted the file and manually went into the file and went in and saw a gear icon and clicked on it and the app was running perfectly. the only problem was that once I closed it. all my settings disappeared. The gears icon doesn’t even run when I place in the user/share folder and yet it runs the app when clicked outside in the downloads folder for example but not in the usr/share folder.

I’m new in linux and love solus but help in making my application stay running without me having to go manually to the folder and opening it.

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I would suggest to use the snap version of vscode using  following command

sudo snap install vscode

In additions to that, I had to install libpcre3 from software center as a dependency 

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