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Posted by: eruditorum

Hi,   I’m trying to get Emacs working on Solus, and for the most part everything’s fine.

However, I can’t access info since the command doesn’t exist and isn’t installable (not in the repos).

I’ve switched 2 computers over to Solus 3 and would love to keep using it as my main system. Any advice / help?

Thanks a million!

CORRECTION: I have found the texinfo package which is what appears to be required. Installing Emacs installs documentation to /usr/share/info, but doesn’t install a dir file there.

Any ideas on how I can create one?

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1 Answer

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Posted by: eruditorum

I’ve found an ugly workaround:

1. After installation of the texinfo package, navigate to /usr/share/info and do the following:

sudo touch dir

2. Create an file with the following content:

for i in *info*; do install-info $i dir; done

and execute the file with:

sudo sh

3. There will be a warning, and some files won’t be correctly entered into the dir file (everything from onwards, it seems). You can manually add files to dir in the following manner:

sudo install-info <filename> dir

This is quite an ugly way of doing things, but results in a dir which can be used by C-h i in Emacs. I hope the amazing folks at Solus can get a better solution going. 

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