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Posted by: mrcrow

Hello everyone, I’m trying to install Virtualbox in Solus, but after the install succeeds without any errors I cannot start the program. It gives me this error:

VirtualBox: dlopen("/opt/VirtualBox/",) failed: <NULL>

I know this only happens with my Nvidia GTX 1060 because I already tried installing on a machine with onboard video and it works fine, it also works on Virtualbox with Solus as guest. I get the feeling it’s something related to the drivers, which I’m using the propietary ones btw. So, does anybody experienced something similar? How can I fix that error? Thanks! 

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I assume you are using version Virtualbox 5.1.22. Can  you please uninstall it and try install some older version?.

You can refer following post to uninstall Virtualbox from solus:

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Posted by: mrcrow
Yes, I was using the latest version (5.1.22). Now I tried with version 5.1.20 and didn’t work, but with 5.1.18 it actually works! Thank you! So, what could be the issue that 5.1.20 and later isn’t working?
I am not sure about the exact reason for this problem. Oracle might have done some changes in the recent versions.

One user at following link confirmed that, the newer version started working after installing a working old version.

You can try the same and check whether the newer version started working