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Posted by: efsolus

Hi there!

I installed QT-Creator.
When I attempt to build a QT console application, it is building nice. But when I run it, only waits, no output, no running?? just empty project.
(trace: “Starting {path}…” and nothing is happen.)

Then I tried QT Widget application, but it gives error during building, “cannot find -lGL”


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Posted by : efsolus

That solved my problem, widget application runs now. But console application still waiting and not responding.


Edit: it is not responding in QT-Creator “Application Output” tab. But when I run in normal terminal window, it runs nice.

Edit2: It is not responding in QT-Creator tab when I run “std::getchar();” otherwise it runs nice, thank you!

Edit3: I solved it by:
Tools > Options > Environment > System > Terminal : “/usr/bin/gnome-terminal -x”

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