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I’m trying to get Qt Creator up and running. I can’t set up a kit, because the debugger can’t be found. I’ve installed

sudo eopkg install -c system.devel

I’ve installed qt base-devel, but I’m now stuck.

Any suggestions as to where to look next?


After reading on the net I found that it can use gdb, and gdb was not installed by the system.devel package.  I installed it and was Qt was able to find it.

Now Qt Creator cannot find the Qt package…..I can’t find anything that yells “here is qt!” so I may have to download it from the qt website.


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1 Answer

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Posted by : wm

OK.  Found new Budgie (April 18, 2017) and downloaded it.  Destroyed old VM (vmware) and installed fresh solus/budgie.

After installing *everything* marked qt5, including qt Python, and  running the  eopkg system.devel command in first post, I finally have a complete kit!!!!

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