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In recent updates, Solus developers say that, Budgie 11 will be using Qt. What will be the future of Gnome-tweak-tool then? Will that be usable in Budgie 11 too?.. or will be replaced by some Budgie specific tool?
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I use Gnome tweak tool often. But not a fan of it. I wish if new Budgie has one simple budgie tweak tool.
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Gnome Tweaks will work on Budge 11, as Budgie will be ported to GTK4, as said in a comment on What is the current development state of Budgie 11? from Joshua Strobl.

We're likely going with GTK4, not Qt. Everything else we do is GTK, most of us prefer GTK and therefore it makes the most sense to continue using it, just rely as little as possible on the GNOME stack.

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