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Hi, I loved Solus and I wouldn't like to change it but I'm having issues to installing sql developer package, there is only rpm from oracle resource ( I tried to install Alien too from ( but I cannot install .deb files on Solus.

Do you have any alternative or solution? Thank you so much, you made a great job.

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Solus doesn't use .deb packages, and there isn't a package for SQL Developer for Solus. You can still install it on Solus following these steps.

On the download page for SQL Developer 19.2.1 click on the download link given for Other Platforms. You will get a .zip file with a name like (The version part in the filename may vary.)
Open a terminal window on the directory where the file has been downloaded and execute the following commands. (Usually, that directory is $HOME/Downloads, but you could have downloaded it in another directory.)

sudo mv sqldeveloper /opt/
sudo chmod +x /opt/sqldeveloper/
sudo chown -R root:root /opt/sqldeveloper/
sudo ln -s /opt/sqldeveloper/ /usr/local/bin/sqldeveloper

Once you have done that, you can run SQL Developer from the command line with sqldeveloper, if /usr/local/bin is one of the directories in $PATH, or /usr/local/bin/sqldeveloper in the case /usr/local/bin is not in $PATH.

Keep in mind that:

  • You first need to install JDK 8 or 11; that can be done with sudo eopkg install openjdk-8 or sudo eopkg install openjdk-11, respectively
  • When you download the files from the Oracle site, you need to create an account


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