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I really couldn't word my question better and i apologize.

I am trying to install Solus Gnome on my laptop and i am stuck at the Disks section, eternally "examining local storage devices". To make it worse, i can not let it do it's thing and wait it out because if i do, it will suspend and throw me into a DM asking for a password for "Live User"

How can i remove it from this state and install it correctly?

edit: so it turns out it asks you for a password but you can enter it blank, which i found strange considering it didn't let me before. Anyway, i'm gonna let it cook during the night, but i do not expect much
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Which Laptop do you have ?  

 I've you tested With Solus Budgie & Solus Mate  DE ?

  • I've installed so many times Solus on diffent Laptop and I've only one systematic issue with Solus Gnome & Aspire One D255E series : Display not running at all but it run perfectly With Budgie & Mate  DE and Solus 3.9999 or Solus 4.0 .
  • ( Solus Mate runs perfectly with these small Laptop Athom 450  / 550 2x 1.66 GHZ or 4x 1.66 GHZ + SSD + 2.0 Go of RAM Netflix, PrimeVideo 100% OK using Falkon browser )

Pure Disk PB ? 

  • Please first run gparted or cfdisk and Delete / Create all needed partitons it should solve the PB... 
  • ( I've seen many times installer freezed with other linux distro specialy with FEDORA 30, using for instance Anaconda installer, etc... )

Then to summ up :

If Solus Gnome DE  runs Ok with your Laptop  and it is only a disk dectection's PB :

  • Run gparted or cfdsk
  • Create 1Go fat32 /boot Partition with Flags boot & esp
  • Create swap Partiton sized 2 times your RAM's size
  • Create ext4 /root Partiton ( personnaly I size it to 85 Go for games as it can be rezised easely after )
  • Create ext4 /home Partiton ( the size  you need, specially if you use OpenAudible )

Then when finished, run the Solus installer, it will 'detect' disks in less than 10 seconds and you'll can go to next steps.. 

Hope it is helping you to succed in the installation.

Best regards,


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